Glass petal pattern goblet with metal base, c.1800s

Unfortunately, I have broken my share of wine glasses over the years. Unlike my shattered goblets, which were immediately tossed out, this scrappy survivor has lasted for well over a century and was reborn with the aid of an inventive repair.

This small cut glass petal pattern goblet stands 4 inches high. It was most likely made in the UK in the 1800s. Once tall and elegantly proportioned, with a slender glass stem and base, it is now squat and sports a metal tinker-made witch’s hat replacement base. I much prefer this ugly duckling goblet to a “perfect” one and if you are a fan of this blog, I bet you do, too.

This intact example suggests what the original stem and base on my goblet might have looked like.

Photo courtesy of Corning Museum of Glass


2 Responses to “Glass petal pattern goblet with metal base, c.1800s”

  1. Rae Dee says:

    Thanks for the post, I enjoy them so much. The repair craftsmen are just as important as the original craftsman was, they bring an item back to life, and they do a beautiful job of it.

  2. Thank you Rae Dee. I agree!