Globular teapot with double repairs, c.1750

Someone must have really loved this much abused Chinese export porcelain teapot with globular form and famille rose decoration. Not only does it have a severely chipped lid but it lost its original spout and handle sometime during its long life.

Teapot measures 5″ high.

The same red and green enamel decoration is on both sides.

A loose, cartoon-like decoration is revealed upon closer inspection.

When the porcelain handle broke off it was replaced with a wooden handle, possibly from a pewter teapot. It was repaired again later with reinforcement wire

A silver plated spout replaces the original one, sometime in the late 18th to mid 19th century.

Surprisingly, the original lid with skep-shaped knob has survived, though it bears the battle scars of large chips along the outer edge.

This teapot is in excellent condition and has both its handle and spout intact.

Photo courtesy of AntikWest

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