Large blue & white transfer printed ladle, c.1830

Soup’s on! This blue & white transfer printed pearlware pottery ladle measures 12 inches long and has a 3.5 inch diameter bowl. It was most likely made in the Staffordshire region of England, around 1830.

Sadly, many ladles did not survive the years intact and this one is no exception. I only hope it did not snap in two while soup was being served. But luckily for the original owner (and me!), a clever tinker brought it back to life by adding 2 large rivets and wire around the break. As a true test to the tinker’s skill, the repair has remained secure 150+ years later.

Ladles such as mine were part of a set, including a covered soup tureen and under plate. This ladle appears to be “perfect”, but give it time.

Photo courtesy of Transferware Collectors Club

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4 Responses to “Large blue & white transfer printed ladle, c.1830”

  1. Diane Lindgren says:

    Love that ladle! Bravo to whoever saved/repaired it! Thanks much!

  2. It’s amazing that they can put those metal brackets in without causing further damage. I’d love to know when this particular ladle was repaired.

  3. Richard R Bruce says:

    Wow Nice! Both my wife & I are of distant “gentry” descent , our pioneer ancestors came to NZ @ 1850 bringing a few items os their palmy days in England ( good Quality glassware etc ) sadly little survived those rugged days— except a SOUP LADLE from each side! Also Half a big dinner set which actually has a third ladle & matching tureen.— From the other side survives an HUGE meet platter in the then popular “indian tree” pattern ,it has a “gravy tree” impressed into the bottom to collect the savoury juices (for favoured guests!)…. er, curry indians not tobacco folks, …hope thats not offensive… love your site makes my 80 yr old day brighter, now off to tend the sheep .. loved the academic carousing also (note the only lady present was “on the shelf” Regards Rich Bruce

  4. Thanks for your comments, Diane, Scott, and Richard!

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