Antik & Auktion Magazine

Last year I received a request from antiques dealer and writer Carl-Henric Malmgren to provide photos from my collection for an article he was writing about inventive repairs for the Swedish magazine Antik & Auktion. After a delay of many months and one pandemic later, the article was published in the May 2020 issue. Here it is in all its glory, with Swedish text and loaded with wonderful photos from collections from around the world. I am hoping to get a transition of the text and if/when that happens I will post it here.

4 Responses to “Antik & Auktion Magazine”

  1. Diane Lindgren says:

    Nice photos and layout!

  2. Larry Terricone says:

    Fascinating…I think.

  3. Thanks Diane and Larry!

  4. Elizabeth Mastopietro says:


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