Staffordshire salt glaze teapot, c.1850

A squat one cup bachelor’s teapot with raised Gothic Revival decoration on a pale blue paneled body, often mistaken for a piece from a child’s tea set. This salt glazed pottery teapot was made in the Staffordshire region of England in the mid 1800’s

Teapot stands 3-1/4″ tall and has the same scrolled decoration on each panel

When the original lid became lost or broken, a metalsmith made a simple replacement metal lid of tin with a delicately turned pewter knob

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4 Responses to “Staffordshire salt glaze teapot, c.1850”

  1. Just an amazing thing. The contrast, the wear; tough and beautiful. Thanks for finding and showing this.

  2. Jon Kay says:

    Thanks for sharing these posts. I really enjoy seeing the beauty of imperfection in each of these repairs. It truly calls into questions notions of the perfect museum quality object. Thanks,
    Jon Kay

  3. Alice C says:

    Absolutely charming teapot which has resulted in an immediate love affair with Staffordshire pottery.

    A friend recommended this website to me. I am delighted to find you and look forward to reading your archive posts.

  4. Judie says:

    I have one just like this, although mine is grey with blue decoration. Sadly my lid is broken too. I’ve often wondered what to do it – any suggestions?

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