Leeds pepper pot, c.1830

Provocatively profiled pearlware pottery pepper pot. This 4-3/4″ tall Leeds pepper shaker was made in the region of West Yorkshire, UK, known for quality pottery which once rivaled the wares of Wedgwood

With a cobalt blue 7-point star design on the top…

and a ribbed, feathered band around the middle

The original base has been replaced by a beautifully made tin replacement, painted to match the cream colored body, but now yellowed with age

A cork in the bottom allows this pot to hold and dispense the pepper once again

Another Leeds pepper pot with a more typical baluster form, maintains its original base

Photo courtesy of Prices4Antiques

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  1. Toby Simpkins says:

    I love this “PROVOCATIVELY PROFILED” item. Do you have more?

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