Pierrette clothespin doll, c.1920

This unmarked porcelain novelty was most likely produced in Germany around 1920 and measures 5-3/4″ long. Also known as half dolls, they were typically attached to tops of pincushions, boxes and small clothes brushes and displayed on vanity and dresser tops. This one graduated from half doll to full doll, with the aid of a wooden clothespin attached at the waist. I imagine that after the piece broke, a handy dad whittled the lower extremities to form makeshift prosthetic legs. In an attempt to create a respectable outfit for this coquettish lass, the clothespin legs were covered in now faded pink cloth tape, the duct tape of its day. Wouldn’t it be great if this immobile doll ended up in a doll house, filled with inventively repaired miniature furnishings and inhabitants, including a make-do Pierrot?






This lovely lady sits atop a powder box and still has her original porcelain legs.


Photo courtesy of LiveJournal

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6 Responses to “Pierrette clothespin doll, c.1920”

  1. Mary Betz says:

    What wonderful finds! Thank you for sharing these treasures. As a ‘frugal” person, the repaired treasures really speak to me.

  2. Mary Betz says:

    Thank you for sharing these repaired treasures. As a ‘frugal’ person, they really speak to me.

  3. Diane says:

    What a charmer!

  4. CarolR says:

    She’s fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. howard says:

    clothes PEG ingenuity at it’s best. brilliant

  6. Moni88 says:

    Amazing and very sweet!

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