Felspatic stoneware jug, c.1820

This Dutch shape stoneware jug with a moulded fox hunting scene was made in Staffordshire, England, perhaps by Chetham and Woolley. It dates from 1810 to 1830. The top portion is glazed in cobalt blue and the lower portion is unglazed. It measures 3.5 inches high and is unmarked. I particularly like the molded screws on the handle.

After the spout became badly chipped or broke off entirely, the jug was taken to a silversmith, who created a silver replacement spout. Though a bit squatter than the original most likely was, it is well made and more importantly, allowed the jug to function once again.

This jug of similar form shows what the original spout on my jug might have looked liked.

Photo courtesy of Paul Bohanna Antiques

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4 Responses to “Felspatic stoneware jug, c.1820”

  1. Scott says:

    Perfectly imperfect spout. Love it.

  2. Ben Clarkson says:

    This piece is absolutely stunning !!
    Have you seen the J M Hickerson stoneware make- do that I have up on Ebay ? #323647854966

  3. Just saw your comment, Ben. Wonderful jug!

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