Teddy bear with poignant repairs, c.1920

What a sad bear! I can only imagine the unbearable indignities poor Teddy endured under the “care” of his previous owners. And yet with all of the damage, some of it literally worn on his sleeve, he has prevailed and now sits atop his own make-do high chair. 

I purchased the bear many years ago from an antiques dealer who had a large collection of antiques with inventive repairs, including toys – one of my favorite subcategories. Teddy, or perhaps Theodora(?), originally wore a faded pink cotton dress to help cover multiple battle scars. But now he can bare all and proudly show the many different mends done over the past 100 years. I particularly like the indigo blue with white polka dot patterned fabric patches on a paw and foot.

The doll high chair was found in Mark’s family home in Vermont and repaired by his grandfather when one of the front leg became damaged. T. Bear seems quite comfortable now, although still hanging by a thread in many places, and can finally relax knowing the abuse is over.

5 Responses to “Teddy bear with poignant repairs, c.1920”

  1. Judie Siddall says:

    Thank you for this this post. I have a stuffed dog that my father sent to me from Italy during WWII. “Italy Dog,” as I always called him, was loved almost to pieces by me. He has replaced eyes and sewn-back-on ears. I shall look for him, as I wish to hold and love him again.

  2. Faith Bahadurian says:

    Oh my heart, this is so affecting!

  3. Rae Dee says:

    Poor, dear old soul, I do believe he looks content. He knows he’s in good hands, and has his own special chair to sit in!

  4. Thank you Judie and Rae!