The Beauty of Imperfection at Boscobel

Recently at Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison, NY, I was on a panel, The Beauty of Imperfection, alongside theatrical set designer Sandra Goldmark and metalwork artist Myra Mimlitsch-Gray. It was moderated by Glenn Adamson, the former Director of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, with an introduction by Jennifer Carlquist, curator of the current exhibition, Make-Do’s: Curiously Repaired Antiques.

The talk was lively and included diverse topics including: aesthetics of repairs, restoration in the decorative arts, contemporary repair cafes, and the return of the relic. At the conclusion, enthusiastic crowd members asked thoughtful questions and made pertinent comments. Clearly, the topics of imperfection and early repairs have made an impact with the public, especially with those who have walked through the rooms of Boscobel and have seen the exhibit.

Photos by Lauren Daisley

Photos by Bibiana Famolare

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  1. Hello,

    I so very much enjoyed this exhibition when I visited Boscobel early last month. It was a fascinating look into how people of old valued their things enough to save them. I enjoyed the fact that after we toured the special exhibition in the gallery, your items were to be found in every room of the house, a nice surprise.

    I just published a post on my blog about my visit and your marvelous exhibition if you’d care to read it:

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