Boscobel exhibit extended one week!

Due to an outcry from a throng of adoring fans of antiques with inventive repairs, the powers that be at Boscobel House and Gardens have agreed to extended the exhibit, Make-Do’s: Curiously Repaired Antiques. For those of you who did not get the chance to see it, or for those who would like to see it again, you now have until next Sunday, October 8th, to witness the beauty of Boscobel and see hundreds of examples from my collection.

Photos courtesy of Bibiana Famolare


3 Responses to “Boscobel exhibit extended one week!”

  1. JILLIE GETTY says:

    Thank you for having one of the only places that addresses old porcelain repairs.

    I have a question. The nut and screw on the bottom of some vases, is that a repair or original to the piece.

    Thank you,


  2. Hello Jillie and thanks for your inquiry! Some large ceramic items, too big to make in one piece, were made in smaller pieces and assembled with nuts and bolts. The pieces in my collection with screws, nuts and bolts were done by restorers and not original to the manufacturing. Hope that answers your question. All best, Andrew

  3. Amazing collection.

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