Scottish china-mender, c.1918

This photo was sent to me by a Scottish collector of pottery & porcelain who has been most generous in sharing his knowledge and examples from his collection with me. The photo by Alexander Beattie is included in Volume 6 of the series, “Peoples of All Nations”, edited by J.A. Hammerton. The caption reads: “Wandering china-mender camped by the pines of Rothiemurchus (Scotland)”, followed by: “He wends his way through the land, making a trifle at each village where thrifty folk may prefer the sight of a riveted jug to the cost of buying a new one. His push-cart carries house and belongings, and, when evening overtakes him, shelter and fire are soon ready, and while the pungent wood-smoke drifts about him he finishes some job for a local cottager.”

Close up of hand drilling, with jug in need of repair at his feet

Much thanks to Jim Horne for sending me this photo

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