Black “one cup” teapot, c.1830

Also known as a “Bachelor’s teapot” this small English stoneware teapot with a low round shape from the early part of the 19th century has an “Egyptian black” or “shining black” glazed finish and stands 3-1/4″ tall. Some collectors and dealers believe tiny teapots such as this to be miniatures or part of a child’s tea set.

Spaniel lid finial is similar to the one on my post dated 3/12/10, English black teapot, c.1810.

Ornate low relief scrollwork design surrounds the teapot and carries over to the handle design.

The end of the broken spout is repaired with a simple tin collar, one of the most common and simplest of metal repairs.

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  1. R gadsby says:

    Hi i have two of these in perfect condition do they have any value
    Cheers ruth

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