Child’s pearlware teapot, c.1790

Miniature pearlware pottery child’s teapot made in England in the late 1700’s. With cobalt blue underglazed Chinese House (aka Pagoda and Fence) decoration, derived from English Chinoiserie pieces rather than actual Chinese ornamentation.

I am surprised I have not come across more examples of miniatures and children’s items with inventive repairs, as I would imagine that slippery little fingers would surely have caused many a fragile toy to break. I just hope the children who damaged these items were not punished too severely.

Teapot measures 2-1/2″ high and was most likely made in Staffordshire between the years 1780 and 1800.

The simple loop handle which broke off over one hundred years ago, was replaced with a sturdy tin replacement with crimped edges and an upper support band by an itinerant tinsmith, look at the wild thing review. The top portion of the original handle was not ground down and still remains.

Provenance sticker: Roger Bacon Collection, Skinner auction Sept. 23-24, 1982.

This similarly shaped and decorated child’s teapot of the same size still has its original handle and an intact lid.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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5 Responses to “Child’s pearlware teapot, c.1790”

  1. Larry Terricone says:

    This has to be the sweetest piece I have seen in years. It is incredible! Thank you for sharing. I knew Roger Bacon only slightly, he had an incredible collection, but I never noticed any make-dos. I wish I had seen this when he was alive.

  2. Victoria says:

    A lovely piece. Doesn’t it just resemble English Delft from about 1740-45. The straight spout make it seem earlier.

  3. Andy, very sweet little thing, I have many broken kiddies pieces from numerous sets BUT not one with repairs. Was Roger Bacon in UK or USA?
    mal E (+ Bh – downunder

  4. Thanks for your comment, Malcolm! Roger Bacon was a prominent collector here in the States and sold off his collection in the early 1980s. If you google “roger bacon antiques” you will find out more about him and the sale of his collection.

  5. thanks, I’ll do that – I like the typography on his collection sale sticker.

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