Unusual glass goblet, c.1880

This seemingly simple American-made glass goblet is actually a uniquely crafted example of thrift and imagination. It utilizes the reuse of three different broken items: two seperate glass goblets and an oil lamp. The top portion bowl is made of blown glass and has a hand cut “thumbprint” pattern decoration.


The bowl and base are held together with a brass lamp ferrule (the collar that attaches a burner to a lamp base). Goblet measures 6″ high and has a diameter of 3-3/8″.


The three-mold pressed glass replacement base was salvaged from another goblet, making this a tripartite repair job!


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  1. Jim McBride says:

    The brass part is a connector that would fit on the lamp font and be attached to the base with a threaded rod. The very lower portion of this connector has been pulled out. It would have held a nut in place for the threaded rod and be seated in a female receptacle or the base itself.

    I hate to see old things bastardized in this fashion. It happens.

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