Glass kerosene oil lamp, c.1860

Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) kerosene oil lamp in what appears to be the Hamilton (aka Cape Cod) pattern, made in America by the Cape Cod Glass Company circa 1860. Measures 8-3/4″ tall. RoundĀ 3 tierĀ base of polished wood replaces the original glass base, broken many years ago and replaced in first quarter of the 20th century.

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4 Responses to “Glass kerosene oil lamp, c.1860”

  1. joy says:

    The creator of the repair/enhancement should have been very satisfied with the graduated base. It has graceful balance. The contrast of glass and wood is very compatible. This repair could have started a trend!

  2. Andrew,

    A handsome find indeed. Very balanced. Wouldn’t the base look marvelous in marble? Well done.

  3. foo says:

    Love it. It looks just like something my father would do.

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