White ironstone water jug, c.1870

Not much is known about this large white ironstone water jug with impressed basket weave design and¬†pearlware glaze. It was found at a bottle dig site in Harper’s Ferry, NY, and remarkably, the tin handle, buried in the ground for dozens of years, remained mostly intact. The neck and spout of the jug were not so lucky, as much has broken off, revealing an asymmetrical jagged edge. This scrappy jug was made in England in the mid to late 19th century, and¬†measures 9-1/4″ hight to top of handle and is 7-1/2″ at its widest point.

This intact jug shows what the original handle and top edge of my jug would have looked like before the tumble.

Photo courtesy of One Kings Lane

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  1. joy says:

    Hi Andrew! I love basket weave anything! The repair is interesting because it looks like the handle has an insulating factor. Similar handles are used on brass and copper hot water caddies in the pre-plumbing era when boiling water was toted from kitchen to bedrooms for daily toiletries . This embellishment may have been added for comfort as well.
    I purchased a basket weave dome and dish that will be in my February shipment. The weave pattern and glaze looks exact to my item and I think there was a factory mark on the base. I will share as soon as I view it again!

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