Cold painted cast lead dog figure, c.1930

A simple yet remarkable home repair using just a small nail and short length of wire to replace a tiny toy dog’s missing leg. I find vintage toys with inventive repair rather poignant and I am always glad to see that someone bothered to repair the plaything, rather than discard it.

Dog measures just 2″ wide and 2” high and is incised “France” on belly with a paper label marked “46”.

Recently, a friend named the toy canine “Lucky”, but I think I am “lucky” to have adopted this stray dog with a most effective inventive repair!

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3 Responses to “Cold painted cast lead dog figure, c.1930”

  1. Monica says:

    I love little “Lucky”! What a beautiful item – representative of a love so great that not even chips, cracks, or a broken leg could constitute anything but perfection in the eyes of the beholder (or possibly a child, in this case). Being a lover of animals and a foster mom of many older, wiser dogs (i.e., one-eyed, three-legged, and with every doggie ailment imaginable), I will never understand how people can just throw away their pets because of age, or something as ridiculous as a new spouse, new apartment, or a new baby. We do live in a throw-away society and it makes me sick to witness that this pertains even to dogs (and other pets) which, to me, are as valuable–if not more so–than most people I know. Anyway…I love “Lucky” and love the person who loved him enough to build a prosthetic from a nail — just so Lucky could continue to stand proudly.

  2. jackie says:

    Found him! Or her? I am lucky indeed:) May I blog about this lovely canine?

  3. Jane Puryear says:

    These are the kind of ‘Past Imperfect’s that I love. Much more than staples. They can be a nice visual, but this, in my value system, is priceless.

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