Ice cream serving spoon, c.1900

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for antique ice cream serving spoons with inventive repairs!

This heavy metal ice cream serving spoon with wooden handle was given to me nearly 10 years ago by my friend Bibiana. It was most likely made in the US, circa 1900, and measures 14 inches long.

Rather than throw the spoon away after the wood handle split, it was repaired by simply wrapping wire around the broken. Presto! Within just a few minutes of twisting wire, the spoon was able to scoop ice cream again. 


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    I would imagine it was a reusable spoon after the split wood repair because ice cream wasn’t as ‘hard’ as it can be in this day and age. It’s a beautiful repair and I am dreaming of vanilla ice cream right now. Thank you for ‘sharing’ it.

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