Parian jug with ornate handle, c.1850

This unglazed Parian porcelain cream jug measures 3.5 inches high and is decorated with a molded relief design of water nymphs. Although I believe it was made in the mid-1800s, it has a later Art Nouveau feel to it. It is marked on the underside with the incised number 463.

There’s no doubt this is a lovey little jug, but it would be nothing without its ornate replacement handle, added after the original broke off. Typically I find small jugs such as this with simple metal tinker-make handles, so I was surprised to see such a fancy replacement. I appreciate the ingenuity of the repairer for attaching the top part of the new handle over the remains of the broken original and adding a band around the base, rather than drilling though the jug. Even though the original handle was much smaller than the replacement (see last photo), I much prefer the juxtaposition of the two material mashed up together on my unique jug.

Here’s an example of the jug with its original handle intact.

Photo courtesy of eBay

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3 Responses to “Parian jug with ornate handle, c.1850”

  1. John Koch says:

    I think thats a depiction of Leda and The Swan on the creamer and the really nice handle has a sea creature feel to me..Thanks for the post…J

  2. Rae Dee says:

    The original handle is very nice, but I often prefer the replacement and marvel at the craftsmanship.

  3. Richard R Bruce says:

    A doubly charming item! a very suitable repair which actually adds to the value of the whole! For the owner to have sought out such a qualified repair shows the affection held for the damaged jug! such a simple yet tasteful depiction of the Niads! Yes indeed I too would have gone to lengths to retain the jug in use .Very human

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