Mad Hatter’s tea party

What better place to stage a photo shoot of some of my inventively repaired ceramics than on one the sets I decorated on the television series Gotham. I helped create some wonderful, over-the-top fantasy settings during the past 3 seasons, including this one for the nefarious Mad Hatter. Thank you Elizabeth Rogers for your terrific photos!

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Rogers

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  1. Larry Terricone says:


  2. Ashley Wellbrock says:

    These photos came out great!

  3. Diane says:


  4. joy sigler says:

    ABSOLUTELY Inspired!

    A delight to use your blog as an avenue to educate my customers about the value and romance of repaired pottery and glass. They understand that I am not the only quirky collector.

  5. Marianne Woo says:

    Bravo, extraordinaire!

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