Westerwald jug with pewter bands, c.1800

This Westerwald stoneware pottery jug with pewter mounts was made in Germany, c.1800. It is decorated in an ornate scroll-like relief pattern with cobalt and manganese glazes. The pewter bands around the neck are a later addition to help stabilize multiple cracks, and the original pewter top has the engraved initials of H. R. It stands 13.5 inches high, 5.5 inches wide.

I would love to find out more information on this striking jug so please post any insights you may have.

I’ve had trouble finding an accurate “before” photo so instead I’ve included a wonderful German oil painting c.1675, featuring an early stoneware jug, similar in style to mine. Now, if only it had an early inventive repair…

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4 Responses to “Westerwald jug with pewter bands, c.1800”

  1. Joy Sigler says:

    Feels very Turkish or Moroccan. Love the placement of a similar jug in the oil painting. These jugs deserved pride of place!

  2. Thank you, Scott & Joy!

  3. Brian E Marshall says:

    This is a beautiful example of early 19th century Westerwald
    And how even more interesting with its repair.

    Please check out my Instagram page for more examples of early German


    Brian M