Mocha ware mug with marbled decoration, c.1800

This unusual mocha ware mug with slip marbled decoration against a banded background of brown and yellow slip is the 4th piece I bought at auction from the collection of Jonathan Rickard, renowned mocha ware expert and author of Mocha and Related Dipped Wares, 1770-1939. Says Jonathan: “The very rough mug that defies categorization was found at the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show…about three years ago.” It stands 5 inches high and was made in England, c.1800.

It was not unusual for damaged mugs such as this to be resurrected by local tinsmiths. This one boasts a simple metal replacement handle and two horizontal bands. Thank you Jonathan for your devotion, thorough research, and love of all things mocha.

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2 Responses to “Mocha ware mug with marbled decoration, c.1800”

  1. Joy sigler says:

    I love the slipshod gluing!! I have a calico ware plate in the same condition due to my lack of skill but just can’t commit it to the bin.
    Mocha ware is my new love!!

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