Mansion form teapot with metal lid, c.1750

This whimsical teapot in the form of a three-story Georgian mansion is made of saltglaze stoneware pottery. The molded decoration includes a coat of arms, guards, animals, vines, birds, a dancing couple, and a crane on a serpent’s head spout. It measures 5.75 inches high, 8 inches wide from handle to spout and was made in the Staffordshire region of England, circa 1750-1760.

After the original lid broke or went missing, an intricate tin replacement in the form of a shingled roof with a chimney as knob was made by a clever tinker. This is one of just a few replacement lids I have come across where the repairer copied the form of the original, and I am so glad that he (or she) did!












This teapot of similar form suggests what the original lid on mine might have looked like.

Photo courtesy of eBay

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2 Responses to “Mansion form teapot with metal lid, c.1750”

  1. Lynne Rutter says:

    I love the chimney as the handle, that’s brilliant!. I have lots of teapots with missing lids, chipped spouts, etc. I wish I knew a tinker!

  2. Thank you, Lynne. If you ever find that tinker, please let me know!

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