Chinese basin bowl with 136 metal staples, c.1865

This large porcelain bowl was made in China durning the Tongzhi period (1862–1874). It is decorated with warrior figures, a horse, an interior scene & flowers in the famille rose palette and measures 14.75 inches in diameter and is 4.75 inches high. Originally it would have been part of a set which most likely included a matching water jug.

But the true beauty for me lies on the underside. After the bowl broke into 2 pieces, a skilled and patient china mender used 136 metal staples, placed in pairs, to make this broken bowl whole again. The work is extraordinary and the repair is tight, making it usable. And as you can see in the last photo, Oscar demonstrates that it also makes for a comfortable cat bed.

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5 Responses to “Chinese basin bowl with 136 metal staples, c.1865”

  1. Ben Clarkson says:

    One of the finest you have posted !

  2. Desjardins says:

    Magnifique ! Merci Andrew

  3. Joanne Hendricks says:

    That is extraordinary. I love it.

  4. Ileen schoenfeld says:

    Beautiful bowl! Awesome repair. Nice to hear from you via facebook .

  5. Lynne Rutter says:

    Beautiful! that railroad track of staples is really attractive!

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