Copper lustre jug, c.1820

English soft paste pearlware jug with copper lustre bands, pink lustre trim and applied low relief classical decoration of frolicking cherubs and animals. It was most likely made by Wedgwood around 1820.

A metal bolt, visible just below the pink lustre band inside of the jug, holds the replaced handle securely in place

Jug stand 3-3/4″ tall and is 5-1/2″ wide

A metal handle was bolted on to the body of the jug to replace the original handle after it broke off. Curiously, the metal replacement was gilded to match the copper color of the jug and not white to more closely resemble the original handle color

This jug, with the same form and similar decoration, shows what the original handle of my repaired jug would have looked like

Photo courtesy of Aurea Carter Antiques

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  1. Eric Johnson says:

    i recently picked up an unrepaired version of this jug… almost mint condition ..if you would like another picture do let me know…any extra info on this jug you know of? cant find much on it

  2. Eric Johnson says:

    also …your website is an amazing original idea…much like many of the repairs you have listed..great site well thought out…thanks for your time

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