Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend

Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend by Bonnie Kemske has just been published and I am sure that anyone who enjoys my blog will enjoy reading this well written and informative book. It’s beautifully printed, with extensive colorful photos and historical information. There is even a section showing the step-by-step kintsugi process, which is fascinating.

I am pleased to have a ceramic plate with my own kintsugi repair featured in the first chapter, Cracks Made Whole In a Golden Repair.

Click on this link to see more photos and information of the plate: Kintsugi repair, at last!

…as well as another plate that I repaired: Family platter with kintsugi gold repair


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  1. Elizabeth Mastopietro says:

    I love all of this and am glad to see a book on Kintsugi. When I first discovered it in the late 1980’s I couldn’t find any information on it. The pieces in the Met that have gold repairs didn’t even mention it. Now there is a lot more information and I, too, took classes to learn how to do it.

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