Chinese Mandarin port scene mug, c.1750

Porcelain mug made in China for export to Europe and North America, with polychrome underglaze port scene in the Mandarin palette

Bold cobalt blue Fitzhugh border encircles the rim

Mug measures 4-3/4″ high

The broken porcelain handle was replaced sometime in the late 1700’s to mid-1800’s with one made of iron and in the same shape as the original. It was gessoed and painted with white enamel, now faded to a cream color, to match the body of the mug

You can see the original handle on this mug with the same shape and similar decoration

Photo courtesy of Hartleys Auctions

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  1. BB says:

    Question: Can you see where the handle was fastened on the inside of the mug or is it just evident from the outside?

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