Chinese export porcelain tea caddy, c.1775

A porcelain tea caddy with sloped shoulders and rectangular body, made in China in the third quarter of the 1700s for export to North America and Europe.

The hand painted cobalt blue decoration with gilt highlights is in the “Jesuit” floral pattern.

A painted metal lid with embossed star & collar replaces the original floriform finial lid.

Tea caddy dates from the Qianlong period (1736-95) and measures 5″ high by 3-1/4″ wide.

This intact tea caddy with similar form and decoration still maintains its original floriform finial lid.

Photo courtesy of Eldred’s

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2 Responses to “Chinese export porcelain tea caddy, c.1775”

  1. Ellen Buck says:

    I have a very similar tea bottle that belonged to my grandmother. Are you able to tell me its worth? Thank you

  2. Hello Ellen,

    Thanks for your message. I am a collector of antiques with early repairs and do not know current values of “perfect” items. I would suggest bringing your tea caddy to local antiques shops or sending images to dealers who have similar items.

    I hope this helps!

    All best,

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