Nanking reticulated basket, c.1750

This HEAVY Chinese pierced porcelain basket for fruit or chestnuts has numerous crudely executed cut out holes for ventilation. It dates from the Qianlong period (1736-95) and is boldly decorated in a cobalt blue underglaze decoration of flowers and medallions

Basket measures 12″ long, 9″ deep, 3″ high

The central floral motif is beautifully rendered but the border design is painted in a more rustic style and was perhaps done by another artist

Due to the extreme weight of this piece, it took a restorer 29 metal staples to repair the bottom alone…

17 staple repairs and 5 metal clips (some with blue and white paint to help mask the metal intrusions) to repair the sides…

and a single metal bolt to hold together one of the handles, for a surprising total of 52 separate repairs. So far, this basket holds the record for the highest number of staple repairs on a single piece!

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