Famille Rose decorated mug, c.1750

This Chinese export porcelain cylindrical form mug is decorated in the Rose Mandarin style with polychrome underglazed enamels. It is painted using the Famille Rose palette and has stylized flowers and a domestic scene

Over the past 260 years or so, this ceramic survivor sustained a life of clumsy owners, resulting in many large chips along the rim and a broken handle

Mug stands 4-1/2″ tall

The once separated handle is now held tightly in place with the aid of two small metal rivets, repaired in the 1800’s by an itinerant mender

This Chinese ceramic mug with similar form has an intact handle and no chips

Photo courtesy of Artifact

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2 Responses to “Famille Rose decorated mug, c.1750”

  1. Jim Horne says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Great items as always, you have a good eye indeed. Just a thought on your latest mug, if you find a drop of pink / rose enamel on 18th C. Chinese porcelain then strictly speaking it is termed famille rose , famille vert was developed prior to the introduction of the rose enamel , at least this how I understand it.
    Best Regards

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I have a few of these mugs in my collection. Any idea what there purpose was? In England mugs/tankards were used for drinking ale or the large ones for Cider. Drinking water was not safe and workers supped their refreshment from large pewter, pottery or for the better off, porcelain or glass tankards. But was there a Chinese equivalent or were they purely made in these large sizes just for export to Europe? Answers on a postcard

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