Floral pearlware cream jug, c.1800

Lightweight, soft paste pottery cream jug with fluted body, made in England, possibly by Lowestoft. Boldly decorated with hand painted pink flowers and diaper decoration on the inner rim.

Jug was made at the turn of the 19th century and measures 2-1/2″ tall by 4-1/2″ long.

Metal handle with thumb rest and finger grip replaces the original handle and was most likely made by an itinerant tinsmith.

One of 2 rivets which holds the tin handle firmly in place can be seen on the inside of the jug.

This nearly identical cream jug still has its original loop handle.

Photo courtesy of eBay

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8 Responses to “Floral pearlware cream jug, c.1800”

  1. Kevin Gummer says:

    Thanks for the Past Imperfections!
    They are amazing!
    I have a Lalique Coquilles plate that has been adjusted.
    Thanks again.

  2. Jackie says:

    Just lovely!

  3. BB says:

    What a sweet little make-do cream jug! I think the metal handle is far more charming than the original. Makes me smile!

  4. Victoria says:

    Another amazing find. Is it a Pearlware glaze, pools of blue tinted glaze in the underside edges? I love the clarity of the the body, the English potters were so expert at mimicking the Chinese. Similar decoration can be found on Creamware bodies of the same period. I own a delightful Tea Bowl and saucer with identical pattern. All decorated free hand, wow!

  5. Dave says:

    A charmer.

    One assumes it is riveted through the side?


  6. Frank Thomas says:

    The repair just makes it all the more charming. Thanks for sharing, Andrew

  7. Thanks for your most welcomed comments! Here are answers to a couple of your questions…Yes, Victoria, there are pools of blue tinted glaze on the underside of the jug. I also love the intricate hand painted decoration. And there are indeed rivets holding the metal handle in place, Dave. I have just added another photo showing the top rivet seen inside of the jug.

  8. Lynne says:

    How interesting! I have just found an identical jug to your mended one in a batch of antique bits and pieces. Mine has damage to the lip and a chip to the base, but the handle is intact. It is a lovely handle too, with moulded decoration, although quite rustic. Don’t think I can add pix here or I would send you some.

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