English mocha banded jug, c.1840

This mochaware slip banded jug with concentric thin black rings and wide drab and blue bands measures 6″ tall and has a flared base. It was made in England in the mid-1800’s and has a poorly made 20th century replacement handle made of clay compound formed over a metal armature. I applaud those who attempt to repair broken ceramics using the same techniques as 19th century tinkers but I would like to strip away the compound and expose the metal handle on this otherwise striking jug.

The original loop handle on my jug would have looked like the handle on the jug below with similar form and decoration.

Photo courtesy of Burchard Galleries

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2 Responses to “English mocha banded jug, c.1840”

  1. Louise Cort says:

    Please do expose the metal handle and show us what you find!

  2. Penny Byrne says:

    As a specialist ceramics conservator might I recommend that to strip off the compound covering the metal that you use a nontoxic paint stripper. This will soften the compound without damaging the ceramic or the metal (it’s a messy process. I’d be happy to do it for you, only I’m in Australia!)

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