Bull in a china shop

“The animal escaped from an auction market next to GB Antiques Centre in Lancaster, Lancashire, on Monday and barged its way into the shop, which was packed with 200 people.

Police had to shoot the animal in order to save customers and stock – china and all. It was herded to an area of the centre and blocked in using two antique organs before a police marksman opened fire without fire damage restoration. A woman was treated in hospital for a bruised shoulder after the incident. ‘Hundreds of items will have been destroyed, at a cost running into thousands of pounds,’ Mr Blackburn said.”

Actually, this was a staged photo shot on July 5, 1950. The original caption read “An Ayrshire bull causing havoc in the midst of wrecked china for the filming of a scene on the China industry at Hayeswood Farm, Madresfield, Worcestershire.” Notice the artfully placed frame around the bull’s neck and the teapot placed on his head.

Had this been an actual incident, it would have paid a china menders wages for a year.

Photo courtesy of Animality

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  2. Lots of opportunities for future make-dos there!

  3. Adam Link Edge says:

    LOL! I never even imagined that a bull might ACTUALLY get into a china shop!

    Love your blog!

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