Georgian pearlware teapot, c.1820

English pearlware pottery cottage-form teapot with puce transfer decoration of a girl sitting on a richly upholstered chair in a pastoral setting and holding a bird. Teapot is unmarked but was most likely made in Staffordshire during the Georgian era, in the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

Both sides of the teapot have the same decoration.

Teapot measures 10-3/4″ from handle to spout and is 5-1/2″ high.

A replacement handle made of solid pewter incorporates the top remaining handle fragment and has a nice heart-shaped plate at the bottom.

The lid also has an inventive repair, with a copper bolt reattaching the broken knob.

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6 Responses to “Georgian pearlware teapot, c.1820”

  1. Jim Horne says:

    What a fine job they have made , the handle could have been taken from a contemporary metal teapot, ? at least certainly copied from an example, neat touch by adding part of the porcelain.

  2. Jackie says:

    Do you have any idea how ashamed I am after reading your posts? The green eye of jealousy rears presents itself every single time! Where oh where do you find these lovely treasures?

  3. Dave says:


    I get a sense that the piece of porcelain showing in the handle is still attached to the body, is there any sign of a bolt on the inside? The reason I feel this is the vertical part of the handle, towards the lid, is too steep and that the handle would sweep towards the lid more, but has been filled in with a band around the stump. Just a hunch.

  4. Victoria says:

    Hi Andrew,

    An unusual piece. I love the puce coloration and the pewter make do handle seems so substantial. Although I cannot imagine this teapot on the table for afternoon tea? The scene is so risqué for the period. The temptress with her off the shoulder attire and showing far too much leg would surely offend the sensibilities of the Georgian household. The fashions of the period allowed only a mere peep of the ankle. Was this service a commission piece for a Gentleman’s Club?

  5. Gypsye says:

    A photo of the interior of the lid would be of interest.


  6. Joanne Hendricks says:

    What a treat !! I think they call that sort of stuff called ‘eye candy’…I love it.

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