Derby porcelain ointment box, c.1905

This tiny porcelain ointment box was made in England┬áby Royal Crown Derby in the early 1900s. Standing a mere 1″ tall and with a diameter of 1-3/4″, it is one of the smallest antiques with inventive repairs I own. It is nicely hand decorated in the Imari pattern with classic cobalt blue, red and gilt enamels. The “V” mark on the bottom of both the lid and base dates this wee box to 1905. The underside of the lid reveals three metal staples, graduating in size from 1/4″ to 3/8″ long, which hold the two broken halves tightly together.


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5 Responses to “Derby porcelain ointment box, c.1905”

  1. ritchie bruce says:

    lovely wee item! It must have been loved possesion!

  2. joy says:

    This item clearly epitomizes the necessity and art of pottery repairs. Taking something of use and beauty and giving it one more chance to be used and appreciated.

  3. Moni88 says:

    Beautiful repair and design! Thank goodness someone thought to save it, it is lovely, and thank goodness for this blog creating awareness.

  4. How on earth do you put a metal staple in a ceramic pot? I am dumbfounded.

  5. Agnes Peterson says:

    Thank you so much for the insight of Staple repaires. Had no idea this could be done without glue. I bought a Pair of 19th C Satsuma Vases and 1 vase has 7 staples in it. It was a Major repair and looking at how these staples hold it together just dumbfounded me. Ive tried selling them and everyone just looks at me like Im weird…LOL

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