Two glass beakers, c.1890

Both of these blown glass laboratory beakers have etched calibrations as well as similarly repaired bases. These were most likely repaired by chemists in their own labs by filling a discarded tin lid with plaster and submerging the broken beaker. The left beaker is 4.5 inches tall, and the beaker on the right is 3.25 inches tall.

Not the most elegant repair job but an efficient way to quickly resolve a mishap, making the beakers usable again in about 30 minutes.

This pair remained unharmed and still have their original glass bases.

Photo courtesy of WorthPoint

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3 Responses to “Two glass beakers, c.1890”

  1. rich bruce says:

    how very practical is the shape also the clear etch/engraved markings, I have a glass measure @ 1899 belonging to a grandmother who was an early Photographer(also rode an BICYCLE! tut tut) for measuring chemicals very similar work Rich Bruce NZ

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rich!

  3. Rich Bruce says:

    Loved the repair , folks seem to have a relationship with well used objects in the case of tea addiction I guess its even stronger, such a good period match too!considering the frequency of use a teapot has need of a charmed life! The number of repaired items bears this out. The red rose on e so appealed to me. Thanks Andrew your discoveries are a bright spot in our wide open country life.

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