King George VI & Queen Elizabeth loving cup, c.1937

This colorful porcelain loving cup was made by the Paragon China Company in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The figural lion handles and pastel colors give it a distinctive Art Deco look. At first glance the cup appears to be in tip-top condition, but upon closer inspection you can see all is not perfect for the royal couple. I imagine that after a robust toasting to the King and Queen, the loving cup clanked against a large stoneware tankard and broke in half. Surprisingly, it was not glued back together but brought to a china repairer who applied metal staples to make it whole again. With the invention of new types of glues and cements, developed for use during World War II, civilians were doing their own repairs at home, so by the mid-20th century, traditional staple repairs were becoming obsolete.

It seems that the china repairer or the owner of the cup couldn’t leave well enough alone and tried to mask the repair by painting over the staples. They did a decent job, however, matching the colors of the mug as they painstakingly matched each brushstroke of the pattern beneath.

The broken cup has been restored…long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live the Art of Inventive Repair!

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4 Responses to “King George VI & Queen Elizabeth loving cup, c.1937”

  1. Susanne (Sue) Earls Carr says:

    Andy: This so attractive to see!
    Have you seen pictures I sent to you of the Staffordshire Tureens……blue and white, “Windsor Castle” pattern I was told?

  2. Larry Terricone says:

    Very interesting. It covers two of areas of interest, royalist, make
    do(ists). One of the most interesting pieces you have shared with us and one of the newest. The person who repaired it was a master, worthy of a much older craftsman. Thank you.

  3. How lovely, they must have been a true lover of the Crown, I’m sure the repair cost as much as the cup.

  4. Kathy Meyer says:

    This is the closest I have seen to the one that I have … a Paragon twin lion handled 1939 loving cup commemorating King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada and the US. Limited to 500, and I have no 1, It is in pristine condition. Any ideas on how to sell it. I have over 150 such items!

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