Canary yellow jug, c.1825

This one’s a mystery. A few years back, I purchased this small, canary yellow, footed pottery jug with brown floral decoration from a dealer in the UK. I was thrilled to add it to my collection, as I had not seen another piece quite like it. But therein lies the conundrum. It’s such an unusual piece that I can’t find any information about it. After showing it to a few experts in the field, it has been determined that it was most likely made in North East England around 1820 to 1830.

The jug stands 4.75 inches high and has a sturdy metal tinker’s replacement handle added in the 19th century. If anyone has further information about this jug or has seen other examples with similar decoration, please let me know. I am eager to mark this investigation “case closed!”






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3 Responses to “Canary yellow jug, c.1825”

  1. Martyn says:

    The attribution to the North East is 100% certain, as to a factory Southwick pottery in Sunderland is the best bet. They made this shape and the black line around a ridged foot was common with them.

  2. Thanks Martyn! I appreciate your speedy flow of info.

  3. Dave Roberts says:

    What a wonderful free flowing flower that jug has painted on it. The painter was an expert. Surely that distinctive hand must show on other pieces. There is an energy in that execution.

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