Imari teapot with silver spout, c.1720

This thrice-repaired Chinese porcelain globular form teapot with Japanese influenced Imari decoration, is painted with a large chrysanthemum motif in underglaze blue, overglaze iron red and gilding, surrounded by stylized scrolling foliage. The bullet shape was inspired by European silver of the same period. It measures 4-1/2″  high and 7-1/2″  wide from handle to spout and dates to around 1720.

After the teapot was dropped over 200 years ago, resulting in a broken handle and spout, it was taken to a skilled silversmith who created this unusual silver zoomorphic replacement spout, added an engraved silver collar and used metal staples to repair the handle. In my opinion, the silver additions transform a perfectly nice teapot into a unique work of art.







This nearly identical teapot shows what the original spout on mine looked like before it took a tumble.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.19.43 AM

Photo courtesy of Moorabool Antiques

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3 Responses to “Imari teapot with silver spout, c.1720”

  1. The Office Stylist says:

    This is so cool! I actually really like the silver spout. Love the bright color combo too.

  2. The Office Stylist says:

    Absolutely adorable! This just makes me want to buy a tea set and host a tea party with all my girlfriends.

    The Office Stylist

  3. Joy sigler says:

    This is so far my favorite repair! It embodies the Morris quote” let all be useful and beautiful” The added embellishment on the spout is so charming. I hope the silver smith was tipped well!

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