NYC&GF exhibit and lecture, part 1

I was thrilled by the turnout at my exhibit, Mended Ways, at the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair this past week, as well as the reception to my lecture, Past Imperfect. To top it all off, I got a nice mention (with photo!) in yesterday’s New York Times. Thanks to my friends, family, fair organizers and staff, contemporary artists, and to the new people I met, for your support. I also enjoyed meeting some of you – my blog, Instagram and Facebook subscribers, who came up and introduced themselves to me. Such a pleasure meeting you face to face!

The exhibit is comprised of three cases of examples from my collection of antiques with inventive repairs and one case of pieces by contemporary artists who have found inspiration in early repairs. I will include pieces by these extraordinary artists in an upcoming post.











All photos by Mark Randall

4 Responses to “NYC&GF exhibit and lecture, part 1”

  1. Larry Terricone says:

    It was a beautiful exhibition and a wonderful lecture. But better to meet Andrew. It was interesting to be upstairs at the exhibition and to meet a couple of people who had no idea that there was a subculture of people who collect “broken” things. They came to the lecture and were amazed such things existed and people collect and cherish them. I also got to see, in person, one of my favorite pieces that has been featured a couple of weeks ago. All in all, it was a good day in the city.

  2. mal E says:

    well done Andy . . . wish we were both there – Cheers from the little isle under the Australian mainland (on holidays)

  3. David Roberts says:

    You have a wonderful collection of “past imperfects”!!

  4. Andre says:

    Oh to have been able to attend! Andrew- did you notice if a catalog for the show’s main exhibitors might be available in any format?

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