Set of five Lambeth jugs, c.1870

This is the holy grail of antiques with inventive repairs…a set of five matching two-tone salt glazed stoneware¬†jugs with matching replaced tin handles! Each jug has a fox hunt scene in relief;¬†the three larger jugs are marked “QUART” and the two smaller ones have “PINT” incised on the front. They were made in Lambeth (now known as Waterloo), a borough within London, England. I purchased the set from a dealer in New Jersey who loved them as much as I do. It took a couple of visits and a little bit of coaxing to convince her to sell them to me, as I assured her they were going to a good home.

These three jugs are quart-sized and measure 7″ tall.

And these two jugs are pint-sized and are 5-1/4″ tall.

All jugs have replaced handles with two straps made from tin, as well as multiple cracks and chips. If these jugs could talk I am sure they would tell colorful tales of life in an 19th century English pub!

This is what a Lambeth jug looks like with its handle intact.

Photo courtesy of Eron Johnson Antiques

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  1. Richard says:


    Thankyou so much for this information, i have been searching for weeks trying to find out about this jug i bought from a carboot sale with the handles intact, and there it is(so happy), the only thing that is differant is the one i have has a small like sort of plaque saying quart. is this doulton lambeth?


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