Ceramics as seen in Crazy Rich Asians

Last summer you may recall I spent 3 months in Malaysia and Singapore working as the set decorator on a movie called Crazy Rich Asians. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that our little movie would end up breaking box office records and become an overnight smash hit! I am thrilled with how the movie turned out and am happy to report that none of my favorite scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

Combining my 2 passions, I try to incorporate ceramics as much as possible into my set decoration. Here are some examples of how I used ceramics to help bring the characters in Crazy Rich Asians to life, including some new make-do’s.

If you haven’t already seen Crazy Rich Asians, please go and enjoy! Be sure to look closely for these and other ceramics I’ve sprinkled throughout the movie.

7 Responses to “Ceramics as seen in Crazy Rich Asians”

  1. Larry says:

    I had planned on seeing the movie very soon. Friends have seen it and loved it. Now I have another reason to see it.

  2. Paula Bernardo says:

    Congratulations that all your scenes have not been edited!I will certainly see the film and keep my eyes open to see your work that I know beforehand will be beautiful

  3. Sarah Hall says:

    This was fun to find. I was looking on line for images of the sets, because I think I spoted a 9-peaches vase in the background of the scene where Rachel meets the grandmother? We have a fabulous 9-peaches vase in the collection here. https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/vases/NAEr9IINDZCOAw

  4. Jayne M says:

    While researching vintage stapled pottery, I came upon your site. I admire your love for unique repairs of fine pieces.
    Also, I have already seen, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Now, I want to watch it again, to see your set design work.
    Set design is no easy task! One wrong item, can ruin a scene.
    That had to have been off-the-charts, time consuming.
    I’m so impressed with your work, Andrew.
    Also, I thank you for your informative site.

  5. Thanks so much and glad you liked my work on the movie! Hoping to work on the 2 sequels in 2020. All best, Andrew

  6. Dear Mr Baseman,

    I wanted to write here and say what an amazing and wonderful job you did with the set design for Crazy Rich Asians. The colours, pottery and interior fits so well together and sets the mood for each scene perfectly. Currently I am rewatching the movie several times to enjoy the set design.
    Impressed with your work and I keep following your website and instagram!
    Best regards,
    Maria Makurat

  7. Thank you (a year late) Maria!