Ceramics as seen in Crazy Rich Asians

Last summer you may recall I spent 3 months in Malaysia and Singapore working as the set decorator on a movie called Crazy Rich Asians. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that our little movie would end up breaking box office records and become an overnight smash hit! I am thrilled with how the movie turned out and am happy to report that none of my favorite scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

Combining my 2 passions, I try to incorporate ceramics as much as possible into my set decoration. Here are some examples of how I used ceramics to help bring the characters in Crazy Rich Asians to life, including some new make-do’s.

If you haven’t already seen Crazy Rich Asians, please go and enjoy! Be sure to look closely for these and other ceramics I’ve sprinkled throughout the movie.

5 Responses to “Ceramics as seen in Crazy Rich Asians”

  1. Larry says:

    I had planned on seeing the movie very soon. Friends have seen it and loved it. Now I have another reason to see it.

  2. Paula Bernardo says:

    Congratulations that all your scenes have not been edited!I will certainly see the film and keep my eyes open to see your work that I know beforehand will be beautiful

  3. Sarah Hall says:

    This was fun to find. I was looking on line for images of the sets, because I think I spoted a 9-peaches vase in the background of the scene where Rachel meets the grandmother? We have a fabulous 9-peaches vase in the collection here. https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/vases/NAEr9IINDZCOAw

  4. Jayne M says:

    While researching vintage stapled pottery, I came upon your site. I admire your love for unique repairs of fine pieces.
    Also, I have already seen, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Now, I want to watch it again, to see your set design work.
    Set design is no easy task! One wrong item, can ruin a scene.
    That had to have been off-the-charts, time consuming.
    I’m so impressed with your work, Andrew.
    Also, I thank you for your informative site.

  5. Thanks so much and glad you liked my work on the movie! Hoping to work on the 2 sequels in 2020. All best, Andrew

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