Rose Medallion coffee pot, c.1890

This bulbous form porcelain coffee pot was made in China during the Qing dynasty, circa 1850-1890. It is decorated with figures, birds, butterflies and flowers in the Rose Medallion palette, including green, pink, yellow, blue, black and gold enamels. It measures 7.25 inches high and 8 inches wide from handle to spout.

At first glance you may wonder why this seemingly “perfect” pot has made its way into my collection. But look closely and you will find a couple of large cracks on the the sides, held tightly together with the aid of 3 large metal grooved staples.┬áIt is neither exceptional nor rare, but I like it because it has kept its dignity intact after surviving a tumble well over 100 years ago.

Here’s a similar coffee pot, along with a matching sugar bowl and creamer.

Photo courtesy of Ruby Lane

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2 Responses to “Rose Medallion coffee pot, c.1890”

  1. Joy says:

    This repair reinforces the adavantage of a busy pattern! Camouflages many imperfections!!

  2. Agreed! And if you look closely, the staples have been painted over to match the pattern, adding even more camouflage.

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