Inventive repairs at the Grand Palace, Bangkok

This past December, Mark and I took a trip to Bangkok, Cambodia, and Laos, in search of regional culture and delicious food, but not necessarily in that order. While walking the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, I stumbled upon several large ceramic planters, each with large metal staple repairs and banding wires. I imagine only I, and the fine readers of this blog, would have noticed these make-do’s hiding in plain sight.

4 Responses to “Inventive repairs at the Grand Palace, Bangkok”

  1. Leslie LeFevre-Stratton says:

    Good for them! Aside from any value, far too useful to be chucked!

  2. Larry Terricone says:

    Good for the government to do this work. Why would they get rid of such beautiful pots because of a simple crack. I have done similar repairs to some of my more expensive clay pots. You do not throw away a Guy Wolfe pot just because of a crack.

  3. BB says:

    Wonderful “I SPY” Mr. Baseman!

  4. Thanks for you comments, Leslie, Larry, and BB!

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