Dog days of summer

As I type, the temperature has reached a scorching 94° F / 34° C , and heading upward of 97° F / 36° C. Rather than go out in the heat, I have decide to stay inside my nicely air conditioned apartment and share with you some canines with inventive repairs representing the dog days of summer.

To see the original posts, please click on each title. Enjoy! Now, stay inside and eat a popsicle.

Cold painted cast lead dog figure, c.1930

King Charles spaniel jug, c.1865

Bohemian milch glass mug, c.1750

Toy dog with replaced coat, c.1920

Welch jug with metal handle, c.1850

5 Responses to “Dog days of summer”

  1. Larry Terricone says:

    The first example is hysterical. That poor dog looks so pathetic. As a committed dog person; breeder, exhibitor, etc. I would “rescue” that poor thing.

  2. Jacklynn Lantry says:

    I have always loved the dog with a nail for a leg. Is it for sale?

  3. Thanks Larry but I already reduced the poor dog and he’s doing fine now!

  4. Sorry Jacklynn but I truly love the the poor pooch, too! Not ready to find a new home for him yet.

  5. Jacklynn Lantry says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Once again, I came upon the photo of the dog with a nail for a leg. Are you still attached? Will he ever be up for adoption? I just love it!

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