Mystery make-do pickle jar? c.1875

This EAPG (Early American Pressed Glass) jar with a screw top in the Pequot pattern measures 5.25 inches high with a 3.75 inch opening. Although its maker is unknown, I believe the jar dates to the 1870s. After extensive research, I believe this to be a pickle jar. Most curious is the metal base, which does not appear to be a replacement. Perhaps this is not a make-do after all?? If anyone has any information on this unusual piece, please let me know.

This pickle jar in the same pattern has neither a screw top nor a metal base.

Photo courtesy of the Early American Pattern Glass Society

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2 Responses to “Mystery make-do pickle jar? c.1875”

  1. Ardis says:

    My first thought is … is the base there to make it pretty for serving at table? If so can it be switched over to other jars like the baseless one also shown? There appears to be a whole scene of those out there.

  2. Interesting…thank you Ardis!

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