Happy Halloween, 2020!

Could 2020 have been any scarier? With the double whammy of the worldwide pandemic still threatening our lives during one of the most polarizing US presidential elections in history, I think not.

Here are some of the scariest victims of metal staple repairs in my collection, no doubt inspired by Frankenstein’s monster himself.

I’m going to assume the hidden side of the teacup is riddled with metal staples.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Boris Karloff photos courtesy of Universal Pictures


8 Responses to “Happy Halloween, 2020!”

  1. Amy Quinn says:

    Happy Halloween! I hope the election works out for my neighbour to the south of the Great Lakes! It would be great to be able to read American news again without stress. Pray for us up here so we don’t take the same path.

  2. Joanne Hendricks says:

    Good one !!

  3. Diane Lindgren says:

    Lots of much needed chuckles in that one! Happy Halloween to you!

  4. Leslie LeFevre-Stratton says:

    This post was so clever, Andrew! I adore how you tie seemingly disparate elements together!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Thank you Amy, Joanne, Diane, and Leslie!

  6. Cecilia Kai says:

    Dear Andrew,

    Happy 2021 from Sydney Australia, and all the very finest to You and Yours.

    Once again, thank you for showing some exquisite beauties. History and art and so much more.

    Kindest regards,

  7. Thanks Cecilia and Happy New Year to you, too!

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