“Liverpool Birds” tea cups, c.1775

This pair of lightweight creamware tea cups, each measuring 2-5/8″ tall,┬áhas orange transfer decoration with the “Liverpool Birds” pattern

These were most likely made in Wedgwood, England

When the handle of the cup on the right broke in three places, metal cleats were attached on either side of the cracks and painted to mask the repair

The cup on the left has metal staples holding the cracks stable and were also painted to match the body of the cup

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2 Responses to ““Liverpool Birds” tea cups, c.1775”

  1. BB says:

    Perfection in the tiny details! Wonderful that these tea cups were so loved.

  2. Emily says:

    I know these are unmarked, but are there any numbers/letters or anything on the underside? I have a similarly shaped tea cup with a very similar repair job on the handle, but the handle shape is different, so I’m trying to get some clues on age

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