Classical jasperware teapot, c.1840

The body of this small unglazed stoneware teapot is made of pale blue jasper (comprised of 59% barium sulphate, 29% clay, 10% flint, 2% barium carbonate) and is decorated with an applied white relief jasper classical scene decoration. It was made in Staffordshire, England around 1830-1850.

Teapot stands 4″ tall. The lid has a skep shaped knob.

The replaced metal handle is fastened to the body using metal bands that wrap around the top collar and bottom of the teapot. Although this method of repair is more unsightly than two small bolts holding a new handle to the body, it is less likely to leak.

Bottom is marked only with the number “43” incised in an applied relief seal. The remains of an earlier putty repair are also evident.

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5 Responses to “Classical jasperware teapot, c.1840”

  1. Steve Kelley says:

    thank you so much…my friends are always saying “Steve buys these broken dolls…we don’t understand”…when in fact the “broken dolls” are “Corpus Christi”…the bodies of Christ as they were dedicted on the cross. This is all in Mexico but regardless, broken, used and loved items have a special life and when they have been repaired they are in a sphere of their own. I love what you post of repairs…please keep it up. Steve Kelley

  2. Kate Tanning says:

    We have been collecting and selling “make do’s” for many years. Unfortunately, many people still wonder why we deal in broken things. Many of the Asian things that you picture, are similar to items we are selling, and Chinese customers look at them, and then away, saying they are broken. I find it amusing.

    Thank you for making others more aware.

  3. paul says:

    this teapot belongs to a group of unidentified Staffordshire wares and has been called the chrysanthemum factory due to the shape of the flower like “pad mark” to the base, the number indicated the shape of the item, Circa 1830-50

  4. PAUL BEESE says:

    This item was made by Charles Bourne and Chesham and Robinson.They can be as early as 1820.I have a beautifully decorated 6.5″ tall jug by the same makers that is in mint condition.They are rare.Any offers?!

  5. Elisa says:


    I’m studing a similar jug, does someone identifies the mythologic scenes in the reliefs?

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